!PicSafe Encrypting Picture Viewer

!PicSafe Encrypting Picture Viewer 3.2.3

PicSafe Picture Viewer and Media Player with Encryption is a...

PicSafe Picture Viewer and Media Player with Encryption is a fully featured, user friendly Picture Viewer and Media Player with a difference.

Select your pictures, enter a key and PicSafe will encrypt them, wiping all traces of the original image from your hard disk. Simply by entering the same key later you can view your pictures just like regular pictures.

Your encrypted files prevent anyone else from viewing them. Don't let PC repairers or other users of your PC browse through your personal holiday pictures.

Protect your kids by encrypting any adult material on your PC. Choose one key for completely private files, another key for files you would like to share with certain people.

As many keys as you need, you have complete control. PicSafe encrypted files are securely protected, completely portable and always retrievable (unlike windows encryption) and can be viewed on any PC.

Unlimited time shareware means PicSafe will never prevent you from using it even if you choose not to buy it. The PicSafe Picture Viewer allows Fullscreen Slideshow, Locator Bar with thumbnail preview, Screen Capture, Media Player (mpg,avi,wmv,mp3 etc.

) Browser thumbnail and preview, multiple viewers with auto tiling and much, much more. You have full control over the appearance and size of the viewing area, pictures can even be framed, including a very nice arty effect with a blurred and expanded version of the picture providing the frame (words don't do it justice).

A unique feature of PicSafe is the ability to open a Second Browser window to ease Drag and Drop File Management and Folder Comparisons. Download and install in under 2 minutes and is even small enough to be burnt on to a CD with your encrypted pictures for maximum portability.

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!PicSafe Encrypting Picture Viewer


!PicSafe Encrypting Picture Viewer 3.2.3

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